Decision Making Expert

As a speaker, facilitator, consultant, and coach, I help individuals, teams, and organisations feel more confident in making decisive choices about how to move forward

The environment is more complex and uncertain than ever. What used to be relatively simple decisions are no longer so quick and easy. The number of considerations has increased, potential consequences are greater, and expectations around transparency are increasing. It is a different world. When multiple people, teams, or organisations need to make decisions together, the complexity increases exponentially.

Samantha’s work connects the people, system, information and processes in a way that helps to smooth out the decision making continuum.

I help individuals, teams, and organisations unravel complexity and facilitate decision making. I’m passionate about all kinds of growth and progress and have faced plenty of decisions during my time in Intelligence and Corporate Executive roles, as a Company Director, Business Advisor and Strategic Consultant across sectors and industries. Aside from my comprehensive, yet diverse experience, my qualifications include an MBA, Psychology, HR and Industrial Relations, and I am currently undertaking a PhD researching decision making.