Executive Teams know all about Great Expectations – they’re drowning under them.

Executives are typically playing multiple roles, sitting on multiple committees, and are expected to achieve great things with limited resources, while working with a team of other executives with their own agendas and expectations (who are all competing for those limited resources!). Add in an extremely volatile operating context, and it can be hard to know what to focus on next.

How do we move forward as a team?

Sam works with Executive Teams to help them identify what matters most (to them, to the team, to the organisation), to clearly articulate a destination, to find the path, and to move down it with confidence.




Decisive Leadership in turbulent times

We know that the world, and our experiences of work, have been changing rapidly for some time now.  What may be less obvious is how ill-equipped most human beings are to tolerate uncertainty, and the impact it has on them.  When asked to work in contexts which do contain ambiguity (such as organisations going through organisational change) then, over time, we will typically see a decrease in productivity, employees struggling to perform their roles well, overwhelm, and burnout.

Developing tolerance of ambiguity skills helps build the resilience, flexibility, and mental agility required to handle constant change effectively.

Embrace the Unknown is a 1 day workshop that uses a purpose-built board game experience to help your team understand their individual and collective approach toward navigating ambiguity, and then gives them an opportunity to practice the skills that can increase their tolerance toward ambiguity.

Optional add-ons to this program can include:

  1. Providing regular videos on how to continually develop skills in ambiguity tolerance;
  2. Group coaching sessions for the team;
  3. 90 min individual debriefs on the results of the diagnostic; and
  4. A reloaded workshop at the end of the 12 months where the team retakes the assessment to see how they’ve evolved over that period.


Participants will gain:

  • An understanding of their own ambiguity tolerance across 9 different factors and 3 different dimensions;
  • An understanding of the Team’s profile, and the strengths and weaknesses of the team as a collective; and
  • A fun team experience, and opportunity to practice their new learnings about ambiguity tolerance.


Embrace the Unknown is perfect for Executive teams who want to improve their performance, leadership and experience of work, through increasing their tolerance of ambiguity.


How executive teams and boards can work together to make excellent decisions

Executive teams play a critical role in enabling their board to make transparent, robust and timely decisions for the organisation.  They must strike a balance between the quantity and quality of information that is provided to the board.  Providing too much information is likely to engender the same results as providing too little information - the board will delay making decisions, reject proposals, and provide critical feedback that offers no solutions.

Meeting in the Middle is a short yet comprehensive program comprising two in-person half-day workshops.  Workshop 1 supports the board to identify and clearly articulate their expectations about the information they require from the executive team.  Workshop 2 supports the executive team to present that information in a way that is transparent and makes sense to the board, so that they can make the best decision in the shortest period of time.


  • Clearly articulated expectations from the Board about the information they need to receive from the Executive Team;
  • Support to improve the board pack, to align with those expectations; and
  • Improved decision making times, as the Board receives the information it needs.


Meeting in the Middle is perfect for executive teams and board members who want to work very effectively together, so decisions are made in a timely manner.


Setting up your transformation project for success

Major organisational change projects are inevitably complex, impacting a wide range of people across multiple functions.  If they are not setup well from the beginning, or if they are not implemented in a way that keeps employees engaged and feeling psychologically safe, then negative and far-reaching consequences are likely.  You may see project delays, budget blow outs, and a significant reduction in productivity, work quality and employee attrition.  These issues will inevitably have flow on impacts to your customers and suppliers.

Decision to Done is a 6-month workshop and mentoring program, that equips your leaders with the knowledge, skills and scaffolding required to ensure your transformation project is a success.


On completion of the program, participants will have:

  • The confidence and ability to make sound decisions that can stand up to scrutiny;
  • The knowledge and skills to positively impact their team and others, in relation to organisational change; and
  • The ability to successfully implement changes as part of a wider organisational transformation project.


This is perfect for teams who are going through a major organisational change project.


Samantha is unafraid to tackle big issues and has a talent for ‘cutting through the noise’ creating a structured ways forward for even large or complex issues. Sam also builds strong interpersonal relationships. This provides her with credibility and allows her to guide the people around her through new ways of doing things, or challenging times and periods of large or rapid change.”

Naomi Feast, CRO, Medical Indemnity Protection Society

“The storyboarding sessions Sam delivers for us are unique, powerful and impactful. This is a skill set that every business leader should be exposed to.”

Dr Nicole Hartley, Director MBA and Executive Education, UQ Business School

“We recently had the pleasure of working with Samantha for a Board Strategic Planning Workshop, and I cannot emphasize enough how highly I recommend her. Samantha skillfully guided our Board through a series of activities that served as crucial steps towards making difficult decisions. Her expertise equipped us with the necessary tools not only for that day but also for our future endeavors.”

Paje Battilana, Brisbane Arts Theatre

Sam is a very engaging speaker who is able to deliver content that is balanced to suit the audience and aligns with what we wanted to achieve with our conference extremely well.”

Darren Schwedes, Lumus Imaging

Samantha has a knack of breaking complex down into components and transferring ambiguity into clarity.”

Tony Schreiber, GM Orrcon Steel


Ready to work with Sam to harness the collective genius of your Executive Team, so they can confidently move forward in the same direction?