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Financial Services can be a tough environment to work in, with changes in legislation, expectations and of course, organisation restructures. Being able to not only cope, but thrive in this environment means Leaders in Financial Services need a clear tolerance of ambiguity to improve both performance and wellbeing. Decisive Leadership in Turbulent Times explores how ambiguity impacts performance and wellbeing.

This white paper is ideal for executives, senior leaders, and middle managers and in Financial Services.

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Embrace the Unknown explores why so many of us are poor at tolerating ambiguity, and how that affects our ability to respond to the contemporary organisational challenges that we all face.  In this white paper, Sam and her co-author, Susanne, explore what’s really going on, and give solutions that can help your team learn to thrive in uncertainty.

This white paper is ideal for executives, senior leaders, middle managers and teams faced with challenges that are complex, ambiguous or uncertain.

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Decisive Impact for Action explores the capabilities needed to have a greater impact through influencing the decisions of others. Making decisions can be challenging, so experts and those making recommendations need to present information in a way that makes it easier for them to make more confident choices, faster.

This white paper is ideal for anyone looking to engage and persuade other people’s decisions, whether they be internal or external stakeholders.