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2024 Workshops

I run a number of highly interactive, practical and educational workshops related to Decisive Teams and the decision making mosaic.
My 2024 workshops address five key people capabilities that are critical to address in the current environment:
  • Ambiguity tolerance
  • Critical thinking
  • Influence
  • Problem solving
  • Wellbeing



Sam makes you think in a different perspective about how to structure things. She helped to make the ambiguous unambiguous and her teaching style is really accessible.”

Workshop participant

Storyboarding has allowed me to influence board members and achieve desired outcomes and results for the organisations that I professionally engage.

Samuel Dawes, Director, Integrity and Compliance (Private Industry)

“Excellent sums it up. One of the better one-day courses I have done as it was well structured and practical. I really liked the fact it wasn’t all theory and we got to work through a real task to help put the learnings into practice. Samantha knew her topic and was extremely helpful with getting our thoughts down on paper and pulling it all together.”

Darryl Phillips, Arrow Energy

Samantha is a great facilitator, with loads of energy who engages the learners with modern, relevant and engaging content that they can actually use in the workplace.

Our learners love the templates and takeaways that they can immediately implement to make their presentations and messages more engaging and compelling.”

Sarah Hudson, Arrow Energy

“I learned to release “rules” and embrace the “state” of not knowing — and as a team creating the new ‘norm’ which met the new needs we had.”

Michelle, Workshop participant